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Each geode originates from Morocco and is ready to be cracked open to reveal stunning quartz crystals inside. This hands-on activity is perfect for rock enthusiasts of all ages, offering a unique opportunity to discover the hidden treasures within. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a beginner, cracking your own geode is a fun and educational experience. 


Cracking open a geode with a hammer is a popular method.  Placing the geode in a paper bag or sock, helps to contain the pieces.  It is also recommended to wear protective eye wear and gloves, and with Adult supervision for children particpating in this activity.  To crack open a geode with a hammer, place the geode on a solid surface and make sure the geode is stable.  Hit the geode with the hammer until it breaks open*


*Please note this is informational only, please use caution and use the geodes and tools at your own risk,*




Crack your own Geode

PriceFrom C$4.00
  • Choose from:

    Small - geodes weigh under 100g each

    medium - geodes weigh between 100g to 200g each

    Large - geodes weigh over 200g each

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