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Petrified Wood Slices, each slice is carefully cut from authentic petrified wood, which has been perfectly fossilized over millions of years, preserving its natural beauty. These slices showcase the intricate patterns and rich earthy tones of the original wood, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Petrified wood is also believed to possess grounding and calming energies, making it perfect for meditation and spiritual practices.

A weighs approximately 128g and measures 85 x 68 x 12mm

B weighs approximately 97g and measures 80 x 50 x 15mm

C weighs approximately 77g and measures 112 x 51 x 12mm

D weighs approximately 121g and measures 76 x 72 x 13mm

E weighs approximately 76g and measures 66 x 58 x 11mm

F weighs approximately 230g and measures 112 x 91 x 14mm

Petrified Wood Slices

PriceFrom C$10.00
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